The easiest way for me to see which photos you select is for you to create an account. It will automatically tell me which photos you choose. Otherwise you will need to "Share" your selections with me as detailed below. Creating an account does not put you on any mailing lists and your information is not provided to anyone else. Creating an account also saves your selections so you can make changes if you return. You can create an account by selecting the "Login" option in the lower right corner.


Please type in your access code to go directly to your proofing gallery. Type in the password if necessary.

There are three ways to select which photos are your chosen favorites.

1. Click on the "Select Photos" button that appears at the top right side of the gallery. Select the photo in the gallery by clicking in the Select circle that appears at the bottom left of the photo when you pass your cursor over the photo. "Add To Favorites" will appear in place of "Select Photos". When you have selected the ones you want, click on "Add To Favorites".

2. Click on the heart icon in the top left corner of the photos when you pass the cursor over them.

3. Or- Click on the "Add To Favorites" menu item that appears in the slide-out menu when viewing individual photos.

4. A new link will appear at the top *LEFT of the page that Has a white heart icon and says "FAVORITES: My Selection" (My Selection will be replaced if you gave it a different name) with the number of photos you have selected. Click on that link or click on "Edit My Selection" in the drop down menu for that link.
*(NOT the Share button on the top right between Select Photos and Slideshow)

5. Arrange the photos if you wish and click on the "Send to..." button next to "My Selection" or whatever name you gave to your favorites set. Fill in the information in the "Send To Photographer" tab and click the SHARE button to send your selections to me. That is the only way I will know which photos you have selected unless you have created an account on my site. If you create an account I can automatically see which photos you have selected.

I will edit the selected photos per our agreement and upload the High Quality images when complete.